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                                                                                   Sayrebrooke Residential  Community
                                                                     Pool  Party  Policy -  Please read and keep for  reference.

Adult residents or members in good standing are welcome to apply to host parties at the pool by filling out the attached application and paying the $25 fee. Under this policy a party is any group, in addition to the host family, of more than 8 people. Guests must pay the appropriate guest fee and follow all rules and established policies. The host is responsible for explaining the rules to their guests and ensuring they abide by them. While all pool rules are important, those concerning safety are the most important. These include:

o No diving.
o No running.
o No glass containers or any glass item that can break and injure people.
o Guests are not allowed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
o It is better for children to play on the grass than on the concrete deck.
o If the lifeguard clears the pool for any reason, (which may include inclement weather or thunder) everyone must exit the water. If the lifeguard observes lightening or a wind event everyone must leave the pool area. If the pool is closed within one hour of the scheduled start of the party fees may be returned.
o The host is responsible for setting up and returning chairs, tables, clean up, etc.

All parties must receive approval from the Board. For parties of up to 10 people permission should be requested 72 hours in advance, permission for parties of more than 10 people must be requested at least two weeks before the party date. Parties will be approved on a first come first serve basis and are not confirmed until permission is granted and the $25 fee is paid and are subject to planned association activities and the availability of proper staff. Groups of more than 15 people may require an additional lifeguard or gate attendant. Hosts are encouraged to pick a rain date. In most instances only one party per day will be allowed, but exceptions may be made.

Weekday (but not holiday) parties are preferable to weekend parties. The best times are between the hours of 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm, when there are 2 lifeguards working. All parties must conclude and clean-up be completed at least one half hour before the pool is scheduled to close. Weekend or holiday parties may be considered and approved at the discretion of the Board. If it is determined that additional lifeguards are required to safely manage the pool you will be notified. The cost for additional personnel is $15 per person, per hour, the amount the pool management company charges Sayrebrooke. The Board will designate the area in which the party may be held. The southeast area is the usually preferred location. Supervising Adults must be able to clearly see and chaperone children when they are in the pool and pool area.

There must be an appropriate ratio of supervising adults to children. Responsible adults age 18 or over, who have authority over the children, may be supervising adults. Supervising adults must pay the appropriate guest fee, follow all rules and policies and ensure that the children they are supervising follow all rules and policies.
 0-12                                                   1:3
13-17                                                  1:4

Parties may use the Association’s folding tables, beverage containers, cooler, and other party equipment the association may have, but not consumable items. Adults may use the grills. Adults may also use the refrigerator with the permission of the Board. (Entrance to the pump room should be limited to the host, who must wear shoes and exercise caution in the pump room.) All items used must be put back in place in the same condition, clean and ready for use. All trash must be disposed of in the appropriate trash and recycling containers. Children may not use the grill. The Association does not guarantee the propane container is full; it should be checked beforehand. It will be refilled at the association’s expense. Hosts may also bring other food, have the party catered or have food delivered. Glass containers are not permitted at the pool.

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