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 Sayrebrooke Residential Community

                  The community pool usually opens the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and generally is open weekends from then until the Sayreville Public schools close in June. Then, it is open every day until Labor Day

Residents must have passes to use the pool.  Pass applications may be obtained from the Document Section of this website or the management company.  Once completed please give it to the lifeguards at the pool.

                                                                       Recreation Area Rules

Rule #1 RESPECT YOURSELF - Safety is the paramount rule. Do not do anything that could lead to anyone becoming injured. Please make sure that you can observe that your children are playing safely at all times. Children who cannot swim must stay in the shallow end and should not play near the edge of the pool. Never enter the pool area if you have had too much to drink. The number one cause of serious injury in pools is diving; NO DIVING IS ALLOWED. GLASS containers are not allowed in the recreation areas!  Alcohol consumption that results in misbehavior or inappropriate conduct is not allowed. Proper attire is required at the pool: Bathing suits (not cut-offs, pants or underwear) should be worn in the pool. For sanitary reasons street clothes, shirts and underwear are not allowed in the water. If appropriate, ‘Swimmies for toddlers’ protective diapers must be worn in the pool. All visitors to the pool area must be able to understand and communicate with the lifeguards. Rules of safety apply in the pool area, the playground, the basketball and tennis courts and other common property and apply to adults as well as children. Children riding bicycles, skateboards, skates or scooters at Sayrebrooke must wear helmets and should skate only in the approved areas. Misbehavior may result in membership revocation or privilege suspension. All rules also apply to visitors to Sayrebrooke.

Rule #2 RESPECT OTHERS - Sayrebrooke is a family community. Adults and children should play or relax without annoying others. Never be under the influence of alcohol at the pool. Do not be too loud or play your personal music too loudly, and never be vulgar. Throwing balls, toys or other objects or using squirt guns is not allowed on weekends, holidays, when the pool is crowded, or whenever the lifeguards prohibit it. Don’t hog the basketball or tennis courts; part of playing nicely is sharing. Neighbors living near the playground and the basketball court deserve peace and quiet so don’t use the playground or the basketball court after 9:00 pm. Please recycle your cans and plastic, and if you bring newspapers or magazines to the pool, bring them home to recycle. We recycle cans and plastic, but not paper, at the pool. Before you leave, please re-stack your chair. Smoking is not permitted in any recreational areas of the Sayrebrooke Community.

Rule #3 RESPECT OUR PROPERTY - Bring all the food and beverages you want, but please clean up after yourself, your family and guests. Don’t do anything that would dirty or destroy our property, and if you see someone doing something inappropriate politely ask him or her to please stop! Do not litter or leave cigarette butts behind and never let your animals mess in the recreation areas or on other common property. Don’t cheat - we welcome all your guests, but all that visit the pool area must pay their share.

Rule #4 RESPECT THE LIFEGUARD - Our lifeguards are trained professionals who are here for your safety. They must be taken seriously and their direction needs to be obeyed. Failure to comply with the direction of those in authority may result in your privileges being suspended without refund. If you have an issue with the lifeguards follow their direction and resolve the matter with the supervisor at a later time.

Remember: the lifeguards are here to protect everyone, not to baby-sit anyone.                                        

                                                                       POOL  HOURS

                                            May, June & July                       July 31-August 13                           August 14- Labor Day

Monday - Friday*               Noon to 8:30 PM                         Noon to 8:00 PM                                  Noon to 7:30 PM

Saturday                            11:00 AM  to 8:30 PM               11:00 AM  to  8:00 PM                           11:00 AM  to  7:30 PM

Sunday                               11:00 AM  to  7:00 PM              11:00 AM  to  7:00 PM                           11:00 AM  to  7:00 PM

Holiday                               11:00 AM  to  8:30 PM              11:00 AM  to  8:00 PM                            11:00 AM  to  7:30 PM
        * Opening Day -  May 27 ~ Weekends ONLY  until  June  18th ~ Afternoons 3:00 PM  to 8:00 PM  June 19th thru 22nd *

                                                                     RULE CLARIFICATION & INTERPRETATION

Everyone must present a pass to gain entry, every time. Please present your pass and sign in every time you come to the pool, even if the guards know you. Neither Sayrebrooke townhouse residents nor Reflections condo members may bring Reflections residents who are non-members, as guests. As a matter of fairness residents of Reflections who want to use the pool should join and pay the membership fee.

2. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult (someone 18 or over) who stays with them at the pool. Please watch your children and guests while they are at the pool. Flotation devices (such as tubes and swimmies) used by children should be Coast Guard approved. In most cases these devices are not true ‘safety devices’ and neither you nor your child should develop a false sense of security from using them. Children may use them in the shallow end, if an adult is in the water with them. Masks and goggles may be used in the shallow end, and in the deep end with the knowledge and permission of the lifeguards. Young children should also be supervised at the playground.

3.  Members must accompany guests and the host member must remain at the pool with their guests. Guests cannot enter the pool area without the host member. Permanent baby-sitter or houseguests may obtain a seasonal pass for $50. If you’re having more than a few guests at the pool at any one time, let the pool management know ahead of time. Parties, with advance permission, are allowed. Please ask for the forms outlining the policy.

4. The rules apply to swimmers as well as non-swimming guests. Those between ages 6 and 65 who come to the pool area to visit with friends or relatives must be invited by a member, must pay the guest fee and must abide by the rules, even if they don’t swim. Those under 6 years of age or over 65 are free of charge.

5. Please recycle. Cans and recyclable plastic should be placed in the recyclable containers. Glass is not allowed. We do not recycle newspapers at the pool, so, feel free to catch up on current events while at the pool, but bring your paper home with you - don’t throw it in the trash.

6. Alcohol consumption in amounts that impair or cause misbehavior is not permitted. Bringing or consuming too much alcohol and swimming under the influence of alcohol is dangerous and is prohibited.

7. Different circumstances may dictate different enforcement levels. The lifeguards may use their discretion to relax rules – or tighten them - when they think it appropriate. For instance, the lifeguards may allow ball playing if the pool is not crowded and they think it will not be a safety hazard or annoy others. That permission is case and time specific and is at the lifeguard’s discretion.

8. Lifeguards have the authority to ask bathers entering the water, beyond the ropes into what is considered the deep end of the pool, to demonstrate their ability to swim in order to remain in that section. Bathers who fail, or prefer not, to demonstrate their ability will be required to remain in the shallow end of the pool. This precaution enables the lifeguards to evaluate and avoid potentially dangerous situations. By allowing the swimmer in your care access to the deep end, you thereby grant permission to the lifeguard to require that swimmer to demonstrate said skill.

9. Lifeguards have the authority to remove and ban people from the pool and pool area at their discretion. Serious infractions of noncompliance with the above stated rules may result in immediate, permanent removal and family membership revocation without refund.

The Sayrebrooke Board welcomes any comments or suggestions that will make the pool a safer and more enjoyable place to be. The primary focus of our rules is to make the recreation area a safe, pleasant environment where people can relax, socialize and enjoy themselves.

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